Technical support of projects on Bitrix24

Bitrix-24 is one of the most popular CRM systems that allows company employees to exchange data and automate work processes. But like any other system, Bitrix needs technical support. Inappropriate user actions, system errors, untimely data backups - all these actions slow down the company and affect efficiency. All this is solved by competent technical support.
Простое общение в компании, система помогает сотрудникам быстро находить информацию и принимать решения, а также получать важные сведения. Переписка и обсуждение рабочих вопросов, документов, контакты и сообщения – все это в единой системе.
We work with several clients, whom we help to quickly solve emerging problems, give clear instructions on how to work with the system, as well as install updates and modernize the system for the customer. We conduct regular maintenance - functional and load testing, check the system for vulnerabilities, maintain backup and restore the system from a copy.
We build our work with a client according to a simple scheme: solving a problem upon a client's request. In the interests of the customer, all the terms and procedure for interactions are spelled out in a special regulation.
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