Electronics development

We have rich experience in electronics and hardware software development. Our customer solutions are shown below.
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How it was developed

In 2014, we took part in one of the Far Eastern engineering competitions, in which enterprises offer real cases for solution. Before that, we had already been engaged in small engineering developments, but here we chose the task of creating a device for measuring the torque of screw piles during their installation.
For two months we worked closely with the customer company, developed a software and hardware complex and won the competition. After that, we continued to work with the customer, conducted a series of real tests and improved the technology.

How it works

As a result, we got a measuring sensor module, which is attached to the hydraulic motor of the drilling rig. It collects all the necessary information while drilling:
Then it transfers all this information to the tablet in the form of graphs. Thus, the foreman, right during the installation of the pile, can control the entire process, make appropriate amendments to it depending on the composition of the soil. Before the creation of the complex, all this was done literally by hand - every minute the process had to be stopped and all the necessary measurements taken. Also, the process was corrected only on the basis of the experience and intuition of the foreman and the drilling operator.
Also, all information about the installation goes to the cloud server software. The project engineer can see what happened and how and, by pressing one button, generate reporting documentation. Previously, all documentation was compiled by hand, based on the information provided by the foreman.


1. Saving time. You no longer need to stop drilling to collect data, no need to waste time on drawing up reporting documents.
2. Elimination of the human factor. One way or another, but people make mistakes, show negligence and forget to perform the necessary actions, while the software and hardware complex does everything automatically and reduces the human factor to zero.
3. Detailed documentation. Especially necessary in the case of large federal projects, when reporting must be submitted to government agencies and meet all the requirements of the auditing authorities.
We have also developed a complex for checking the bearing capacity of the pile to simplify this process. We have equipped the oil pump with a system of sensors that show what maximum load the pile will withstand. Previously, for this it was necessary to build a stand around the pile, which was loaded with concrete slabs, now it is enough just to use our PAK.
Cloud storage allows you to control the process of project work. The company's management can at any time view the progress of work and receive reporting documents. For this, you only need to have a browser and access to the Internet.

Smart hotel

Another of our developments related to the sensor management system helps the hotel business save time on checking in guests. This is a "Smart lock" that works in conjunction with the application on the phone.

How it works

When you book a hotel room for the required dates, a unique key is generated in the app. When a tourist arrives at the hotel, he does not need to register at the hotel reception, he opens the app, sees the number of his room and opens it simply by bringing the phone to the lock. At this moment, a check-in mark for this guest appears in the hotel's booking system.


Thus, the business owner can refuse the presence of several administrators at the check-in counter at once. Large groups of tourists can check in as quickly as one guest. Not to mention the fact that this feature favorably distinguishes the hotel that uses the "Smart Lock" from the crowd of others.
В видео показана работа системы, автоматическая регистрация на ресепшене, бесконтактный доступ в номер и управление приборами.

Fitness club without administrator

A system similar to a smart hotel, but adapted and improved specifically for fitness clubs.

How it works

All administrator functions are performed by your personal fitness bracelet. With the help of this bracelet, you can get into the club, it also shows a free locker for changing clothes and opens it.


In addition to the obvious savings on staff, the system also shows the workload of the fitness club. This is convenient both for visitors and for the owners. Visitors can come at hours when there is no need to stand in line for the sports equipment. And for the owners: First, they can track attendance and make promotional offers for the least busy time, raising the number of subscriptions sold. Secondly, in a pandemic, it is thus easier to comply with the required maximum load.

Enterprise warning system

The sensor monitoring system will also help protect the enterprise from emergencies.

How it works

In case of smoke, the sensors transmit information to the operator's console. If there is not a lot of smoke, the system prompts the operator to check if there is a fire source or, for example, one of the employees simply smokes in the wrong place. If there is a lot of smoke, the system will automatically call the fire department.


The facility maintains the safety of employees and equipment by eliminating the possibility of false firefighter calls.
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