Regional portal for land buying

State and municipal government portals should be simple and understandable for the user. But from time to time, due to the amount of information and the complex structure, they remain difficult to use.
Пользователям портала получать государственные услуги без очередей через Интернет стало легко и удобно. Даже услуги по приобретению, аренде земельных участков.
We were approached by a customer with a request to modernize one of the functional components of the regional portal of state and municipal services in order to increase the convenience and comfort of users. It was necessary to reduce the time it takes to enter a land plot into the database, search for additional related services, search for land plots and receive municipal services at regional portal of state and municipal services related to acquiring rights to land plots.

What we did:

Все это с простым, интуитивно понятным и легким в освоении интерфейсом, который не требует от пользователя специальных знаний.
We did all this with a simple, intuitive and easy-to-learn interface that does not require any special knowledge from the user.
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