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We are specialized in developing custom software and creative IT solutions. We help to organizations with their complex projects where expert help is required to improve production efficiency.


Development of IT projects

We are specialized in developing custom solutions for high-load distributed client-server systems.

Automation of production

We develop engineering projects, schemes for organizing production processes, effective technological solutions and apply them using innovative and existing facilities at enterprises. Forget about endless excel-tables, hundreds of folders on your desktop, handwritten magazines and reports - modern business requires an innovative approach on working with large amounts of data and equipment.


We are not engaged in branding and identity, video-audio advertising, but we're skilled in high-quality programming code and code support.

We are experts in Python, Java, ReactNative, Kotlin, Swift, ReactJS, ES6 / 7.

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Kaliningrad city

Address: Sovetsky prospect, 21A, 3rd floor

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Khabarovsk city

Address: st. Komsomolskaya 38, 2nd floor

Phone: +7 (4212) 20-79-81